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Lamin-x Film

Lamin-x Light Film Covers




Made in the USA

For over 20 years, Lamin-x has specialized in producing protective films for the automotive industry in the USA.

10 Year Warranty

Each purchase from Lamin-x covers defects and ensures product performance, backed by a 10-year warranty.

Largest Selection

Lamin-x boasts the world's largest selection of protective films for automotive and motorcycle industries.

Film Durability

Lamin-x stands out for its durability, boasting a thickness surpassing that of its competitors.


In spite of its' thickness, Lamin-x has great conformability for complex curves.

Lens Protection

Lamin-x is technologically engineered to withstand various road debris, including rocks, sand, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color selections do you offer?

While we offer a wide range of colors, not all are standard selections for each of our precut kits.

If you'd like to choose a color we do not currently offer on our website, please contact us at and we'll be glad to assist.

Here are the colors we manufacture:

Yellow, Amber, Blue, Red, Pink & Green

How many different tint shades do you offer?

We currently offer four different tint shades and they are as follows going from lightest to our darker:

Tint (lightest)
Charcoal (darkest)

As with our colors, we do offer as standard selections all tint shades for different precut kits. If you'd like to choose one we do not offer, please contact us at and we'll be glad to assist.

What are your more popular selections?

Headlight film covers - Clear
Tail Light film covers - Gunsmoke
Fog Light film covers - Yellow

Where can I view examples of what Lamin-x looks like?

Our Customer Gallery located here is a great resource to see what each color and tint shade looks like.

*Please note that to due to the environmental conditions these pictures were taken that it may not be a perfect depiction of the actual color or tint shade.

How do you sell your Lamin-x light protection film?

We sell our Clear, Colored and Tinted films in the following ways:

Precut Kits - designed to match the shape of your lights. Great for relatively simple shaped lights with minimal curves & angles.

Universal Sheets - these come in a variety of sizes - small to larger applications. We offer these in every color, tint shade & Clear. This is a great option for most complex installations. This is also the preferred option should you choose to have a professional do your Lamin-x instalation.

Shop here for Universal Sheets

Rolls - this is a great option for those wanting to perform multiple installations. This is also the preferred option for professional installers.

Shop here for Rolls