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Industrial Light Protection

Some light fixtures in high traffic environments (theme parks, retail, manufacturing facilities, etc...) can be a risk and potential liability if they are broken or shattered.  Another need may be to change the diffusion, brightness, or color of your lights (greenhouses, grow houses, use-specific rooms, etc...).

Lamin-x provides a Light Protection Film that you can apply directly onto a smooth surface of a sealed/covered light fixture.  Our products are extremely high quality, adhesive-backed, and pliable enough for an easy peel-and-stick installation onto any smooth surface (non-adhesive raw material is also available upon request).  Our products have a high tensile strength and nearly invisible once installed. 

Choose from many transparent colors or clear films with a opaque finish to meet your project need. If you have a custom or die-cut need, then contact us for a custom manufacturing solution for you! Visit our Become a Dealer page to learn more.