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Yellow Headlight Films have been serving the endurance racing industry since the 90's. Our film help teams meet the yellow light output requirements and protects those expensive lenses from racing’s highly abusive environment. However, those yellow headlight covers are just the start of the assortment of "investment-protecting" products that Lamin-x makes for the entire racing industry.


Even if you don’t need a yellow light output, you still need to protect those headlights with a tape.  Either to meet regulations or just to keep them from getting broken or sand-blasted.  Our clear headlight cover films are the best product for retaining the original light output and protecting the lens at the same time.  12 thousandths of an inch thick, impact resistant, self-healing, and durable enough to last all season and then some!

Either use a universal sheet for a custom fitment or a precut kit for your make and model.  We even include instructions and tools that you can keep in the pit box (Speaking of pit box...protect that too with our paint protection film!).


Are you an endurance or baja off-road race team that uses LED light bars?  Protect the lenses with real protection - No cheap plastic covers that will break or fall off!  Lamin-x LED light bar covers are adhesive-backed that is designed to peel and stick right onto the lens.  We have a variety of universal DIY sizes to protect any standard off-the-shelf LED auxiliary lights.


Whether you buy a factory chassis with the roll cage already built or have a custom cage built for your car.  It looks beautiful when its brand new and unused.  But the first time you get into the car, they WILL inevitably get scuffed or scratched.  Protect those lovely tubes and keep them looking new for the long-term with our Roll Cage Tube Protection!  Buy a Teaser for a half-cage or the Full Monty for a full-cage.  Just measure and trim-to-fit.  We'll include instructions and tools.  Once installed, you won't even know its there protecting the paint.


It happens a lot throughout the race season.  Sometimes that "rub" causes a little more than just some tire marks on the door.  When those moments happen and you need a quick repair to reattach that bumper, body panel, or light be sure to use our Trackside Repair Tape!  Designed for quick repairs to the body work in the pit lane that holds it all together.  Lamin-x is strong enough to hold it together.  The adhesive bonding is instant.  A nice perk too is that it is transparent to still keep those sponsor logo's visible!


All of our products are manufactured and supported 100% here in the USA.

Our paint protection products are manufactured from the world’s highest rated films in the market and are technologically designed to protect a car, truck, or SUV paint from damage caused by rocks, road debris, tar, bugs, or wear.

Comprised of self-healing and anti-staining properties, your customers can expect to receive superior & dependable protection from Lamin-x products.

We design, manufacture, and ship products every day from our Southeast plant.  With fast turn-around times to help your team to maintain a consistent inventory supply for when you need it by the race weekend!


Whether you are road-racing or off-road racing, professional-level racing teams are eligible for discount rates. Contact us today for more info! or call 407.309.7042