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Add Lamin-x product lines to your ecommerce business and generate easy profits!


The Perfect Product Line!

While we offer over 50,000 SKU’s of automotive precut or universal light film covers and paint protection products, we don’t have the reach to your customers. Profit from the Lamin-x brand that has been built up over the past 20 years!

Your customers want Lamin-x to protect and style their vehicle. We offer a dozen or more different products for nearly every vehicle model. Trucks, offroad, racing, car shows, classic, drift, etc… Make your niche automotive ecommerce business the go-to source for Lamin-x Protective Film products.


Committed to Your Success

All of our products are designed, manufactured, shipped, and supported right here at our Georgia plant since 2002.

Authorized Lamin-x Resellers have a dedicated and knowledgeable US-based account rep, who assists in getting your online store set-up, keeps you current with new product data, and is available Mon-Fri for most any need or question you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own shipping account?

Yes you may. Your rep. will instruct you on where and how to enter this when placing your orders.

What if I need special designed patterns for a specific make/model?

We are glad to accommodate such requests. Our engineering department is fully capable of taking the specs of a particular product and designing and fitting to your needs.

Can I run my own Lamin-x product promotions?

Yes, you may and we encourage to the extent it makes sense for your business. We normally make it a practice to include our resellers on major sales we offer throughout the year.

Can I sell your motorcycle, UTV, ATV or SxS products?

Absolutely! Not only do we supply our automotive-based resellers our light and paint protection products but we can just as easily supply & support our products for those who run non-automotive related ecommerce websites with our products.

What is the product warranty?

We have a 5 yr warranty on all light film cover and paint protection products.

Will I be assigned a dedicated rep. who can assist me with questions?

Yes, you will be assigned a dedicated, knowledgeable and US-based account rep whose job is to help make you & your business as successful as possible selling Lamin-x.


Quick Turnaround on Shipping...Anywhere!

Don’t want to take on the inventory investment with the multitude of product options? Take advantage of our drop shipping service for your orders.

Once you sign up as an authorized reseller, placing an order is as easy as logging in and placing your order(s) with your discounts already applied. We custom make your order, handle all of the processing and shipping for you! Orders normally ship within 1-3 days.

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