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Return Information

We recommend installing Lamin-x film within 30 days of receiving. We will not accept returns for film installation issues after 30 days have passed. 

If you are not having installation success, take photos of the installation before removing the film from your light. Then you can remove the film and reapply the Lamin-x back onto the provided backing liner and immediately contact our customer service team below for assistance and resolution. DO NOT discard the product, as our return authorization or refund process requires images of product and/or installation. Returns or refunds cannot be authorized without documented evidence or actual product return.

In the unlikely event that you no longer need the product and would like to return it, you can return the unused product within 30 days from date of receipt. However, a return authorization code is required. To obtain a return authorization code, you can either:

  • Email us:
  • Live chat with us during work hours (9-6est Mon-Fri)
  • Call us at 706.955.0677 during work hours (9-6est Mon-Fri)

Unfortunately, due to Lamin-x products being custom-made just for you when you order, we require a limited return policy on our products.  As the chances of us selling the same exact custom-made product to someone else is not assured.  Therefore, all products require either a restocking fee or no returns allowed policy unless due to product defects or errors.  All returns are at the complete discretion of Lamin-x Protection Films.  Below are the return policy details of Lamin-x products:

Refund policy for lighting kits:

  • Unopened and unused - 25% restocking fee
  • Opened, but non-installed - 25% restocking fee
  • Opened, partially installed - 25% for unused product
  • Shipping is Non-Refundable

Refunds policy for paint protection kits (including, but not limited to Invisible Bug Guards, Clear Bras, Bumpers, Rocker Panels, etc…):

  • Shipping is Non-Refundable

A return authorization code is required! Returned kits must be in original packaging and condition. No returns after 30 days from receipt of product. Proof of purchase showing the date of sale is also required. Sorry, no COD refunds are accepted.