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Cold Weather Installation

Warm the Film

The key to cold weather installation is keeping the film warm. The precut or sheet you purchased becomes a little more difficult to install in temperatures usually 70 degrees and below. Keep the film in a warm location until you are ready for the application of the film to your lights.

Garage Access

Access to a garage would be ideal for cold weather installation. If the garage is not equipped with heat, use portable lamps and/or a space heater and position them within close proximity to the light that will be receiving the film.

Use Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

This method could also be used for outdoor installation, but we would recommend also using a heat gun or hair dryer. The heat will make it a lot easier to apply.

If you run into a problem while installing in cold weather, don't panic, here is a video to explain what you need to know to make for an easier install.

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