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Soft Top Window Repair

A Lamin-x Soft Top Window Repair Kit is designed to make quick repairs to cracks/cuts that can often take place on convertible car tops, Jeep tops, boats, RV campers, etc.

This is a 2" x 24" invisible strip of our 19 mil thickness film that has 3.5 mils of adhesive. Designed to perfectly bond to the clear vinyl plastic of your window.

This transparent tape will hold the seal for as long as you need and will prevent the crack from spreading further.

  • Soft Top Window Repair - Clear 2" x 24" Universal
    You can find soft clear windows in many places. Convertible tops on cars, Jeep tops, boats, RV campers, etc... At some point the vinyl window will crack or accidentally get cut. When it does then we have a perfect repair solution to keep the crack/cut...