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Label Protection Tape

Labels on equipment, floors, racks, or other high traffic and wear areas can take some significant abuse over time.  As contaminates or objects get dragged, rubbed up against, kicked on, or other ways across the label's surface.  UPC, serial numbers, registration information, or even warning information can be unreadable over time.  Existing label protection films are very thin and ineffective against higher wear environments.  When the label's information is critical and you need to really protect it, then Lamin-x is your solution!

Lamin-x provides a super heavy-duty Label Protection Tape to protect critical information on your label's in hostile environments.  Even outdoors!  Our Tapes are extremely durable, adhesive-backed, transparent, UV resistant, and pliable enough for an easy peel-and-stick installation onto nearly any label.

Choose from many thicknesses or types to meet your label protection need. If you have a custom or die-cut need, then contact us for a custom manufacturing solution for you! Visit our Become a Dealer page to learn more.