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Glass or Lexan Protection Film

Equipment in high abuse environments that have glass or lexan plastic windows can potentially be scratched, pitted, or broken over time.  We typically see high wear on glass or Lexan in blast cabinets, sand-blasting equipment, outdoor recreational vehicles, golf carts, manufacturing equipment, CNC machines, etc...

Now you can use Lamin-x Glass/Lexan Protection Film for a long-term, optically clear, and highly durable layer of protection.  Our adhesive-backed product applies directly onto the glass or lexan window to protect it from wear and tear.  It has scratch and impact resistancy built into it.  Which takes the abuse.  It can be easily removed and replaced with a new layer when needed. Having an easily replaceable layer of Lamin-x film is typically a more cost effective solution than replacing the glass or lexan window. 

Here you will find various bulk roll sizes to choose from.  If you have a custom or die-cut need, then contact us to assist you with manufacturing a custom solution for you. Visit our Become a Dealer page to learn more.