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LED Light BarFilm Covers

For LED lights from 2" to 55"

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Protect and stylize your Light Bars and LED driving lights with the best long-term solution on the market!

This new trend of LED lighting technology is fantastic for bold and bright light output on our vehicles. With that investment, you'll want to keep the lenses looking crystal clear as long as possible.

We have noticed that some of these lights are also falling prey to the same cloudiness/haziness from UV rays as other lights do.

Our protective film both prevents that from happening and can also clean up that wear.

LED Light Bar Film Covers

"I have ordered a yellow strip to cover my 32" LED light bar. The yellow looks great on the car AND the films are actually functional with the light output! This is a huge help in rainy/foggy conditions including snow!"

- Thomas


  • Easy DIY peel n' stick application directly onto the lens
  • Zero cracking, breaking, or thermo-shock that hard plastic lens covers exhibit
  • Impact resistant thickness to prevent sand-blasting or wear
  • Retain the light's original look, but with the ability to change color output
  • 5-year Guarantee
  • Made in the US


Protective film covers for LED light pods

We have 8 different color options to choose from.

From Clear for invisible protection to our top-selling Yellow for the best visibility in foggy, snowy, or dusty conditions.

You may also choose one of our many Colors or Tint/Smoked options to allow you to change the light color output of the LED, while still protecting the lens from damage or wear.

View our LED Light Bar Gallery to see how our customers are using it on their vehicles.

Lamin-x has a 5-year guarantee and is 100% made in the USA.

Measure the height and length of your light bar, then choose the most appropriate size from the above dropdown menu.

*If you need a size that isn't listed, then feel free to contact us via live chat or to

We can easily custom make any universal size sheet for you to custom install onto your LED light bar.

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If you are a LED retailer or a manufacturer looking for a better/unique light cover solution or a better add-on options for your LED Light Bar products, then become a dealer or consider us as a supplier for your product line.

We can create any precut pattern to fit your lights exact specifications and manufacture in volumes with quick processing times.

All products are 100% made and shipped from our plant here in Georgia.