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Because you take pride in your vehicles appearance it's natural to want to protect a vehicle's paint. Daily driving can wreak havoc on a cars exterior, adversely impacting the visual appeal and lowering value.

This direct wear and tear is guaranteed unless you protect your paint from the elements. Having to repaint or replace areas that are damaged by road debris is always expensive. Therefore by using a paint protection film you are able to avoid road debris damage with an invisible protection that will maintain a car's worth for years to come.

Clear Bras for cars and trucks

"The pre-cut headlight tint was extremely easy to install and it completed the look I wanted for this car. The headlight film looks great and has always kept the lenses protected on road trips."

- Jared


Clear Bra paint protection is a product that will cover your vehicle's paint and offers a seemingly invisible film protection. This clear car bra is a strong and invisible 8 mils thick (.008") poly-urethane protective film that applies directly onto the surface of your vehicle.

This protective film cover's the leading areas of your hood, fenders, mirrors, and entire front bumper from all normal wear and tear which protect your paint from those rock chips, sand-blasting, road tar, environmental fallout, and more.

An extensive database of custom precut kits has been created for an exact fit to nearly every modern year, make, model vehicle.

Clear bra paint protection film


Our paint protection films are made by the world's leading paint protection manufacturers right here in the USA with the latest industry-leading paint protection film technology. This allows us to give you reassurance by providing a 5 year product warranty.

Full selection of clear bar kits


All clear bra paint protection kits include installation tools, kit diagrams, and instructions to assist you with the installation process.

If you are not comfortable with performing the installation, then use our dealer locator to find a professional paint protection installer near you and have them to contact us for the product.

If you are ready to perform your own installation, then select your vehicle from the product finder above and shop for your vehicle's Clear Car Bra today!

Clear bra paint protection installation

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Lamin-x offers different business models opportunities in which to profit from selling our precut headlight film covers and a variety of other products of ours'.

From professional installers to online resellers to new car dealerships, we can assist you and your business in getting up and running and selling Lamin-x.

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