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Your new vehicle dealership or auto group is experiencing some unprecedented economic times.  Lamin-x offers a highly profitable addendum package to recover some of those lost per-vehicle profits. 

Offer your customers a “Wear and Tear” Paint Protection Package with the vehicle sale.  This Package is a small group of paint protection film products easily installed onto every vehicle during PDI. These paint protection products help retain resale value for the customer and provide an additional value proposition for you!

Each product is carefully designed to protect vehicle’s paint from scuffs, scratches, chips, or unsightly wear.  Guaranteed to protect for years!

These packages are cost-effective for customers, and a low per-vehicle cost for you. Easy installations that can be performed by your internal staff to yield a high-margin profit.


We are so confident of our products and this package, that we are offering a sign-up promo with a free first order of door cups guards and door edge guards for every new vehicle on your lot!

Only a one-year commitment applies. Contact us for details and to get started!


How much labor time does it take for each vehicle?
A:  When the installer is trained and proficient with the installation techniques, all three products can be installed in 15 minutes or less.

How will you train our staff?
A:  On-site training is available if within geographical limits of our trainers.  Otherwise, we provide you with installation videos, samples, and virtual training support. 

How much profit can we make per vehicle?
A:  It is possible to make hundreds of dollars of additional profit per vehicle. Actual results may vary depending on retail pricing and applicable models. 

What Lamin-x products are included in this “Wear and Tear” program?

What is the product warranty?
A:  We will match the manufacturer’s limited warranty on product quality.

Do you have any other products?
A: We also have optional Headlight or Fog Light Covers to protect lenses from turning yellow/hazy over time or to make them look new again.


We strive to offer the most product benefits that also benefit your customers

  • Precut for your vehicle makes and models
  • Excellent discounted rates for maximum profit
  • Can be installed by your own staff
  • Preserve factory appearances pre and post sale
  • Add value to your standard new car/truck offerings
  • Help CSI ratings to minimize customer complaints
  • Dedicated dealer account rep support

Paint protection film packages for new car dealerships


All of our products are developed, manufactured, shipped, and supported 100% here in the USA.

Our paint protection products are manufactured from the world’s highest rated films in the market and are technologically designed to protect a car, truck, or SUV paint from damage caused by rocks, road debris, tar, bugs, or wear.

Our films are comprised of self-healing and anti-staining properties, your customers can expect to receive superior & dependable protection from Lamin-x products.

We design, manufacture, and ship these products all day, every day from our Southeast plant.  This is our specialty!  With fast turn-around times to help your Dealership to maintain a consistent inventory supply of products to install as the new or used vehicles deliver.