Ecommerce Resellers


Add that new and unique revenue stream by selling Lamin-x products through your online parts and accessories store.

You can profit through the Lamin-x brand that has been built up over the past 15 years.

We offer over 30,000 SKU’s of automotive light film covers and paint protection kits, for nearly every modern make and model along with universal accessories too!

You have the opportunity to diversify your own product offerings and make you the ‘go to’ retailer in your niche for Lamin-x products.


All of our products are manufactured, designed, sold, and supported right here in the USA since 2003.

Authorized Lamin-x Resellers have a dedicated and knowledgeable US-based account rep, who assists in getting your online store set-up, keeps you current with new product data and is available Mon-Fri for most any need or question you have.


Don’t want to take on the inventory investment with the multitude of product options? Take advantage of the ability for us to drop ship your orders.

Once you sign up as an authorized reseller, placing an order is as easy as logging in and placing your order(s) with your discounts already applied. We custom make your order, handle all of the processing and shipping for you, without any additional fees!