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Rear Bumper Guard

Protection when loading/unloading

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Lamin-x Rear Bumper paint protection

You arrive home to unload the groceries from the trunk and there it is, that long scratch on the top of your rear bumper.

It's likely there from dragging the lawn chairs out earlier, perhaps loading and unloading the kids stroller or luggage from last weekend's trip?

No matter how it got there, when you load/unload something from your trunk its very likely that you will damaging the paint on the top of your rear bumper at some point.

Paint scratches on the rear bumper are easily avoided when using our Rear Bumper Guard.

Made from the same material used for Clear Bras, this invisible film is designed to protect your paint, but not alter the look of your car.

Available in either precut kit for your vehicle, or universal size for a custom installation.

"In all my years in dealing with Lamin-x every encounter has been excellent. The product is as good as the people who work there. Lamin-x not only looks incredible but is great for protecting your expensive headlights wether they be stock or a custom build. For products geared for style and protection hit up the guys at Lamin-x."

- Aaron


Our paint protection films are made by the world's leading paint protection manufacturers right here in the USA with the latest industry-leading paint protection film technology.

This allows us to offer you reassurance by providing a 5 year product warranty.

All Rear Bumper Guards include installation tools and instructions to assist you with the easy installation process.

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Lamin-x precut Rear Bumper Guard kit


In this video you can learn more about how to install your rear bumper guard. In your kit you get everything you need to install:

  • A custom cut kit that matches your rear bumper
  • All the tools you need for a successful installation
  • Installation instructions


Use our product finder to search for a precut Rear Bumper Guard kit for your car.

Precut, simply means that it has been designed to match the specific shape/contour of your vehicle.

If you are unable to locate a precut kit, then we'd might suggest choosing a Universal Rear Bumper Guard which you can find here.

Rear Bumper Guard kit

ALSO BOUGHT WITH REAR BUMPER GUARDS- Other paint protection kits you may be interested in.


Lamin-x offers different business models opportunities in which to profit from selling our precut headlight film covers and a variety of other products of ours'.

From professional installers to online resellers to new car dealerships, we can assist you and your business in getting up and running and selling Lamin-x.

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