Rocker Panel Guards

Protection from road debris, oil, sand & rocks

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The rocker panels and wheel arches on your vehicle are located low enough to the ground that they easily get damaged by rocks and road debris kicked up by tires. As with all paint on your vehicle, the paint on the side of your car is in need of protecting from the damage road debris can cause.

If you use Lamin-x Rocker Panel and Wheel Arch Guards you can stop that damage from occurring. These kits are best combined with all of our other paint protection film kits.

Precut & universal Rocker Panel Guard kits

"The pre-cut headlight tint was extremely easy to install and it completed the look I wanted for this car. The headlight film looks great and has always kept the lenses protected on road trips."

- Jared

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Lamin-x offers different business models opportunities in which to profit from selling our precut headlight film covers and a variety of other products of ours'.

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