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Prevent hazy/cloudy lights

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Many auxiliary, driving, fog, or aftermarket lights are perfectly round shapes or circles to tuck into the bumper area of your car or truck. Since there are so many aftermarket options to choose from, here we just provide you with nearly every universal size to find and order.

Just measure your light from edge to edge, then choose the appropriate size and color or tint shade when you start shopping here.

All Round Film Cover products come with two sheets to protect a pair of round circle lights.

"Not only is the film excellent (it's far exceeded my expectations) and incredibly easy to apply, but their customer service is fantastic! They're really helpful and genuinely friendly. I can't ask for much more."

- Jared


Lamin-x is adhesive-backed for easy peel-and-stick plus forgiving installation.

Choose from clear for an invisible layer of impact protection, or our top-selling yellow for the best visibility in foggy, snowy, or dusty conditions, or one of our many color options to change the light output for a unique look.

All Lamin-x film covers are impact resistant to protect from road debris, and 100% made in USA with a 5-year guarantee.

Protection & style for your auxiliary & aftermarket lights

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Lamin-x offers different business models opportunities in which to profit from selling our precut headlight film covers and a variety of other products of ours'.

From professional installers to online resellers to new car dealerships, we can assist you and your business in getting up and running and selling Lamin-x.

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