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48" x 72" Tall Sheet of Windshield Guard

  • 48" x 72" Tall Sheet of Windshield Guard
    48" x 72" Tall Sheet of Windshield Guard
  • Description

    *We recommend having an installer install this film on your windshield. Installation is difficult and can take time and patience. 

    Vehicle or equipment windshields, racecar lexan, and other leading optic surfaces can get pitted or damaged over time. You can protect the glass or lexan windscreen with our 48" x 72" (4 ft x 6 ft) sheet that is designed to protect the surface with an invisible layer of protection. It is optically clear, 5.5 mils thick, and scratch-resistant. It provides excellent protection from pitting, nicking, chipping, or staining caused by normal wear or vandalism. Once applied correctly and cured, you won't even notice its there.

    This film is adhesive-backed and includes some installation tools. Installation onto flat surfaces is easy for the DIY'er. Applying to windshield requires additional skilled labor to mold around a curved surface. Whether you install it yourself, or have a professional installer do it for you, we'll provide you with thorough installation instructions.

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