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Amber Light Repair Kit (6 inch x 8 inch)

  • Amber Light Repair Kit (6 inch x 8 inch)
    Amber Light Repair Kit (6 inch x 8 inch)
  • Description

    If your vehicle's amber colored lights have a crack or hole you can easily patch it with a Lamin-x Amber Light Repair Kit. Our kit is 6"x8", which is enough material to cover most damage to headlights. Our film has been designed to apply to lights for years with a strong, long-term adhesive.

    Amber Light Repair Kit Features

    • Kit includes 1-6"x8" sheet of Amber Lamin-x film
    • Our Amber film matches the natural amber color of most side markers and turn signals
    • Strong adhesive designed to hold up for years on your lights


    It is reommended to clean the area around the damage to your light before installing. Installation is as simple as peeling and sticking the film to the light. Use your fingers to press down the film to create an air tight seal around the damage.

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