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Feb 6th 2024

New Partnership in Europe

Promofolia GmbH, a powerhouse in automotive customization and protection, has recently made waves in the European racing industry by securing an exclusive partnership with Lamin-x, becoming the sole distributor of our  cutting-edge products in the region.


This collaboration not only fortifies Promofolia's position as a leading provider of premium automotive solutions but also underscores its commitment to innovation and excellence within the racing community and beyond.

Setting the standard in automotive protection

Promofolia's deep-rooted involvement in the European racing scene stems from its comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique demands of racing enthusiasts.


From precision car wraps to durable paint protection film installations, Promofolia's skilled craftsmen deliver unparalleled quality and attention to detail, ensuring that every vehicle stands out on the track.


With expertise in graphic design, sun protection film installation, signs and banners, and window films and glass decoration, Promofolia offers a holistic approach to automotive customization and branding, catering to the diverse needs of racing teams and sponsors alike.

Promofolia continues to grow

Now, with the exclusive distribution of Lamin-x products, Promofolia expands its offerings to include a wide range of DIY light and paint protection film solutions for end users, further enhancing its ability to meet the evolving needs of the European car enthusiast.


Professional installers throughout Europe will benefit greatly and now have a much easier time procurring rolls of both Lamin-x light protection film rolls as well as it's own line of paint protection film, Ricochet.

What they're saying

"Becoming the exclusive distributor of Lamin-x in Europe is a pivotal moment for Promofolia. This partnership extends beyond distribution, shaping our identity as not just automotive enthusiasts but as pioneers in surface protection and design.


Our initial focus is on igniting a spark within the motorsports industry, bringing Lamin-x to the forefront of the motorsports industry.


As we cater to the needs of professionals in high-performance settings, we are poised to gradually introduce the Lamin-x brand to everyday car enthusiasts, ensuring that our commitment to excellence and innovation resonates across all automotive domains.," says Joachim Neuweiler, owner of Promofolia GmbH.


According to Chris Wadle, Founder/CEO of Lamin-x Protective Films, "Our roots started in motorsports. In line with that tradition, we are partnering up with one of Europe's leading trackside service providers, Promofolia, as they take on the role of the exclusive distributor for Lamin-x in Europe.


This strategic partnership not only strengthens our global presence but also ensures that automotive enthusiasts across Europe have access to the highest quality protective films along with creating a European distribution network for the world's leading surface protection films."

Speeding brightly into the future

By partnering with Lamin-x, Promofolia reinforces its commitment to excellence and innovation within and without the European racing industry, providing teams and everyday car owners with access to the latest advancements in automotive protection and customization.


Whether it's enhancing the aesthetics of a daily driver or track car with custom protective light covers or safeguarding its paint from the hazards of normal wear and tear, Promofolia and Lamin-x offer a winning combination of performance and protection.


For more information visit their website below:

Feb 6th 2024

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