How To Install Headlight Tint

There are a ton of variables when installing headlight tint. To be honest, this makes the task seem more difficult than what it really is. Going into an installation without any experience can be scary. In order to have a good install, one must be educated in the best techniques, so that the end product matches the expectations.

Each film on the market has its own techniques to install. Since Lamin-x is the best – let’s go over some basic instructions on how to install Lamin-x headlight tint.

Begin with Mindset

This may sound silly, but the best way to start off installing your headlight tint is with a good mindset. Recognize the installation will take longer than five minutes and might test your patience.

Start off with some music and hydrate yourself with your preferred beverage (note: we do not recommend installing while intoxicated). Study the curves of your light while hydrating. Which way does it bend? How many curves are there? Where is the flattest part of the light?

Getting Started

The first time you touch the headlight should be to clean it. Use water and a lint-free towel to clean the light; clean the lens until the surface is clear of any dirt and dust. This is an extremely important step because any dirt left on the lens will be stuck under the headlight film after install. 

If you have to clean the lens heavily, use the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit to remove any fogginess.

The Install

After the light is cleaned thoroughly, you can begin your install.

Remove the backing paper off the adhesive side of the film. Mist the lens with a small amount of water. This will allow the film to reposition easier during installation. 

Use smooth, sweeping motions to apply Lamin-x Headlight Tint. Remember while hydrating with your preferred beverage, you were supposed to locate the flattest part on the light? This is why – start on the flattest surface of light and work toward the more difficult curved areas. 

Lightly tack the film to the lens and reposition as needed. If using one of our precut kits, initial positioning of the film will be tricky. Take your time and get the alignment just right. 

Keep in mind the film can be realigned as many times as you need. 

After the film is lightly tacked to the surface of the lens and the positioning is correct, you are ready to squeegee the film down. 

Mist the surface of the film to create a lubrication layer for the squeegee to glide over. Start from the middle of the flattest part of the light and use smooth, sweeping strokes. Slowly work your way to the edges of the film, making sure to push out all water and air. 

Use a hair dryer to heat the film in difficult areas. The heat will help the film smooth out in curved areas. To find out what size sheet of our headlight tint to purchase for your headlights, please click this link. 

View our headlight tint color galleries at the end of this post.

Time to Trim

After the headlight tint has been installed to the edges of the light, it is time to trim. Trimming is minimal on a Lamin-x precut kit, but on bulk sheets trimming is a bit more of a chore. 

Final trim during Lamin-x headlight tint installation. Final trim during Lamin-x headlight tint installation. Trimming should be done in two steps: excess removal and final trim. 

Excess removal involves trimming off the large excess pieces from a bulk install. The final trim is most important: score (cut but not all the way through) the film along the edge of the headlight. When completed, pull off the small strip of film. 

Finally, look over the film and check for any air or water bubbles. If you find some (it happens to the best of us), just poke the bubble with a needle.

Headlight Tint – Final Thoughts

After all is said and done, installation is only as hard as you make it out to be. Before you buy headlight tint, make sure to look over your headlights first. Some headlights are extremely difficult to install on. If you are not sure how easy it would be, check out the Lamin-x squeegee rating or just contact us. 

We want you to be comfortable when installing. It makes installation easier, and the final product better. If you want to learn more on installing Lamin-x headlight tint, check out our installation videos.

Your Lamin-x Team

Feb 15th 2014

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