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Mar 26th 2021

Precut Kits vs. Universal Sheets - Your Options for Installing Lamin-x


  • The 'Installation' tab at the bottom of the product page displays the level of installation difficulty.
  • All Lamin-x precut kits are rated 1-5 in terms of level of difficulty. 1 is relatively easy and 5 is very difficult.
  • Precut kits are great for kits rated a 1-3 level of difficulty (see Installation tab at bottom of product page)
  • Precut kits are very doable for level 4 & 5 kits dependent upon one’s level of experience & expertise using a product similar to Lamin-x yet we highly recommend using Universal Sheets.
  • Universal Sheets are great to use on any light.
  • Universal Sheets are the way to go in the event we don’t offer a precut kit or for level 4 & 5 kits.
  • Lamin-x doesn’t make precut kits for lights that are deemed to difficult to install on. The best option in this case - a Universal Sheet.
  • Get installation help by watching these videos

I think we can all agree that options are good.

What a bland and boring world it would be if this were not so.

Here at Lamin-x, we try as best we can to afford you plenty of options in the way of products to help protect your investment.

For these purposes we’re speaking specifically of the film cover products we make available for your exterior lights - headlights, tail lights, fog lights, side marker covers, rear marker covers, turn signal covers and reverse light covers.

Before we dive head first into this lets do a little ‘Lamin-x 101’ and define a couple of terms….

What is a Precut Kit?

Precut Kits - these are kits that are designed to match the shape of your light. If you look around on many of the product pages on our site, you’ll see odd shaped images with a Lamin-x backing liner looking back at you.

You’ll also find all of our precut kits in our Product Finder based on year, make and model.

That, my friend, is what we call a precut kit. Like any other product of ours’, you simply peel the liner paper off the back, line up the edges of the kit with the edge of your light and begin to tack the film down until it covers the entire surface edge to edge.

What is a Universal Sheet?

Universal Sheet - this is pretty self-explanatory. They are essentially sheets of Lamin-x which we sell in a wide variety of sizes, colors and tint shades.

Just to set the record straight... our sheets are the exact same material that we make our precut kits. There’s no difference in construction whatsoever.

The Goodness of a Precut Kit

Quick history lesson….did you know Lamin-x first started it’s business selling Universal Sheets? It wasn’t until a little later that enough demand came which warranted offering precut kits.

For relatively flat and small lights, there’s likely no better friend than this type of Lamin-x product.

The installation boils down to a peel-n-stick process.

Personally, we feel like this is the ‘go to’ option for kits that we rate anywhere from 1-3 in terms of installation level of difficulty (which you can find behind any ‘Installation’ tab near the bottom of the product page.

Does it mean you shouldn’t purchase a precut kit that is rated a 4-5 in terms of installation level of difficulty? Not really. But you should know it’s going to require a higher than normal level of patience perhaps and that is likely dependent upon one’s own mechanical ability, experience and expertise to make the installation a successful one.

The Not-So-Goodness of a Precut Kit

Well, like we just mentioned, there’s very little negative to offer about using a precut kit rated a 1-3.

The ‘not-so-goodness’ kicks in on the more difficult installs.


Well, here’s a little exercise for you. Go do some searching on the internet for different vehicle makes and pay close attention to the shape of it’s lights - more specifically it’s headlight and tail lights. In some instances, you’ll see relatively sharp angles and curves and whatnot.

Truthfully, the shape of lights are becoming more and more complex.

We’re looking at you Toyota 4Runner and your out-of-this-world looking headlights and tail lights or you, newer Civic Sedan headlights and the list goes on.

Now imagine taking a flat/one-dimension product and negotiating the film across every curve and dip and angle it has to offer.

Keep in mind your goal is to get that film down nice and smooth while being constrained to lining up the edges of your precut kit to the edges of the light.

VIDEO: How to Align Lamin-x on the Surface of Your Light

In theory, ‘precut kit’ sounds awfully attractive but in reality on level 4 & 5 kits, they can be a booger bear and is why we’re now going to talk some about your other option to install Lamin-x.

The Goodness of a Universal Sheet

There’s a lot to like about this option because depending on the size you purchase it can literally be used for just about any application on a vehicle’s lights.

We typically like to use the word ‘forgiving’ when we describe this product.


Well, let’s go back to our friend the Toyota 4Runner headlight - which we do not produce a precut kit for because of its complex shape.

This is where something like a  Universal Sheet could possibly do the trick if you really wanted to install Lamin-x on that particular light or any level 4 or 5 kit for that matter.

You’d simply purchase a sheet size a little larger than the size of your light - 1-2” on each side perhaps - and begin tacking down the film to the light’s surface without being constrained to lining up the edges of the film with the light.

VIDEO: How to Measure a Light

The excess film on each side also allows you to easily pull up and reposition the film on the light if needed, again, without having to be completely mindful of aligning the film to the edges of the light.

And hence, this is why we use ‘forgiving’ but…

There’s one small downside….

The Not-So-Goodness of a Universal Sheet

You remember that part where we just mentioned ‘excess film’ which you’re not afforded with in a precut kit?

I thought you did.

We gotta get rid of that somehow to finish out the installation and you’ll do that with something like an X-acto knife with a sharp blade. Keep in mind the ‘sharp’ part!

With that ‘sharp’ blade you’d position your knife on the outside part of the light and begin to trim off the excess film around it.

VIDEO: The Correct Way to Cut Lamin-x

If you can get past that part, you’re home free!

If you made it this far, we sure hope this information is of value to you as you decide which option to choose for your light(s).

Keep in mind, we’re always here to try and offer advice or be a sounding board if you need it, Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:30PM EST.

Thanks again for choosing Lamin-x!

Mar 26th 2021

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