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Universal Sheet Covers

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Lamin-x Universal Sheets for any installation

Universal Sheet Film Covers can be used for custom installing Lamin-x onto any sized surface you want to protect and give a personalized style.

Using an uncut bulk film allows you to not have to worry about perfect alignment that precut kits require, more flexibility with the installation technique, and the ability to custom trim to fit to look you want.

Choose either Clear for an invisible layer of protection, or one of our many colors or Tint/Smoked shades for a personalized look that combines with the impact protection you need.

View our Customer Gallery here to see how our customers are using Lamin-x on their cars, trucks, Jeeps and motorcycles.

Our film covers have a special adhesive that allows for very forgiving installation.

You can apply numerous times upon initial application to get the installation just right, and it can be easily removed in the future.

Installation instructions are included and tools are as well on medium to large kits.

Lamin-x comes with a 5-year guarantee and 100% made in the USA.

"This is an EXCELLENT product! I already use this to cover my headlights on my race car. 3 years now and zero cracks. Excellent material and should be used for any new vehicle hitting the road."

- Marcus


To choose your needed sizes from the dropdowns above, you will need to measure the surface area. Watch the video here or just measure the height and length of the surface you want Lamin-x applied to. Be sure to add extra for any curves.

We always recommend being too large, than too small.

Universal sheets are great for creating unique designs with the help of our knifeless tape and are perfect for installing on side & rear marker lights.


Do you have a unique application or volume order that requires a special size that isn't found above? No problem!

Just contact us with your request and we'll try to accommodate your needs.

Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 8AM - 4PM EST

Universal Lamin-x film covers

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Lamin-x offers different business models opportunities in which to profit from selling our precut headlight film covers and a variety of other products of ours'.

From professional installers to online resellers to new car dealerships, we can assist you and your business in getting up and running and selling Lamin-x.

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